Wave Formula

Wave Formula

A wave is a disturbance on a medium (case of mechanical waves) or in vacuum (electromagnetic waves) with a certain wavelength, velocity and frequency, where space is considered as a medium in which such disturbances can occur and propagate through it.

velocity = frequency* wavelength

The equation is written

v = f * λ

We have:

v = velocity

f = frequency

λ = wavelength

Wave Questions:

1) A certain wavelength wave of 850 mm travels through water with a frequency of 660 Hz. Calculate the velocity of the wave.

Answer: First calculate the velocity of the wave using the formula above, where f = 660Hz and λ = 850mm.

v = f * λ

v = 600Hz*850*10-3m

v = 561m/s

2) The musical note la has a frequency, by international agreement of 440 Hz. If in the air it spreads with a velocity of 340 m/s. It calculates its wavelength.

Answer: First calculate the wavelength using the formula above, where f = 440Hz and v = 340m/s

v = f * λ

λ = v/f

λ = 340m/s/4400Hz

λ = 772.72mm.

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