Resonant Frequency Formula

Resonant Frequency Formula

The resonant frequency is the characteristic frequency of a body or a system that reaches the maximum degree of oscillation. In an electrical system, the resonant frequency is the frequency at which the transfer function reaches its maximum. In other words, given an input, a maximum output is obtained. The resonance is obtained when the capacitive impedance and the inductive impedance are equal.

Resonant frequency = 1/ 2*pi* squere root (Inductance * Capacitance)

The equation is written

We have:

fr: resonant frequency

L: Inductance.

C: capacitance.

Resonant frequency Questions:

1) Determine the resonant frequency of a circuit whose inductance is 40mH and capacitance is 8µF.

Answer: First calculate the resonant frequency using the formula above, where L = 40mH and C = 8µF.

fr = 281.35Hz

2) Given the resonance frequency of a 300Hz resonant circuit, if its capacitance is 6µF. What is the value of the inductance?

Answer: From the above formula, we clear L in order to obtain the value of the inductance, where fr = 300Hz and C = 6µF.

L = 318.3mH

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