No one's Formula

No one's Formula

Gauss's Law for magnetism or no one's law, is a general law applying to any closed surface. In the same sense than the electric case it permits to calculate of the field of an enclosed charge by mapping the field on a surface outside the magnetic charge distribution. The consequence of the law in this scenario is that there no exist magnetic charge distributions, or monopoles.

Magnetic flux = zero

The equation is:

Φ = 0


Φ: Magnetic flux of a close surface

Magnetic Gauss Law Formula Question:

1) How is that the Gauss law for magnetism give rise to no existence of magnetic charges?


If the magnetic flux is explicitly written, we find it is in the spherical case very like the electric case:

Φ = B 4 π r2

which following the Gauss law is:

B 4 π r2 = QM

Since the observation of the no one's law is experimental, and the fact that there is a magnetic flux that causes the flux:


There are no magnetic monopoles observed so far in nature.

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