Distance Traveled Formula

Distance Traveled Formula

The distance travelled is the path taken by a body to get from an initial point to an end point in a given period of time, at a certain velocity. If the velocity is constant:

Distance = time * velocity.

The equation is written

d = v*t.

We have:

d = distance.

v = velocity.

t = time.

Distance traveled Questions:

1) Calculate the distance of a car traveling at a constant velocity of 30 m/s in 80 seconds.

Answer: First calculate the distance traveled using the formula above, where v = 30m/s and t = 80s.

d = v*t

d = 30m/s*80s

d = 2400m.

2) calculate the speed of an object that travels 100 meters uniformly in 60 seconds.

Answer: To calculate the velocity, we will use the above equation clearing v, where d = 100m and t = 60s.

d = v*t

v = d/t

v = 100m/60s

v = 1.67m/s.

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