Heterodiamond (B-C-N) Formula

Heterodiamond (B-C-N) Formula

Heterodiamond is a chemical material characterized by being as hard as the diamond and as high temperature resistance as the boron nitride.

Formula and structure: The heterodiamond chemical formula is BCN, where the exactly number of atoms cannot be determinated. It has a structure similar to the diamond but with carbon sp3 bound to boron nitride. The chemical structure of heterodiamond cannot be designed due it has not been exactly determinated.

Occurrence: Heterodiamond is not found in nature. It is only obtained by chemical synthesis.

Preparation: The heterodiamond (BCN) was first prepared in the 1990s. It is prepared in various steps. The first step is the preparation of different compound of Boron, carbon and nitrogen through the reactions:

C2H2 + NH3 + BCl3, CH3CN + BCl3, CH2CHCN + BCl3

The compounds obtained are putting under high pressure and temperature to form the heterodiamond (BCN) formation.

Physical properties: Heterodiamond is a polycrystalline material which can be found as a black fine powder. Other physical properties have not been investigated in detail.

Chemical properties: The main chemical property of heterodiamond is having the hardness of diamond which is the hardest material known according to the Mohs scale and at the same time the thermal and chemical stability of boron nitride BN, a material very used in nanotechnology due its resistance.

Uses: The heterodiamond BCN has not been extensively used by industry due it is still being investigated. However, it is thought it will find a wide application in material science and chemical and electronic industries, especially to produce ceramic, polymers and high resistance material.

Health effects/safety hazards: Risk for health, environment and other hazard are not unknown for heterodiamond.

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