Juan Manuel de Rosas Facts

Juan Manuel de Rosas Facts
Juan Manuel de Rosas was the dictator of Argentina during the first half of the 1800s, ruling over the Argentine Confederation and the Buenos Aires Province. He was born on March 23rd, 1793, in Buenos Aires to Agustina Lopez de Osornio, the daughter of a wealthy family, and Leon Ortiz de Rosas, a military officer and land owner. Juan had 11 younger siblings, and was homeschooled until he was eight years old. He was then sent to private school. At the age of 13 Juan's homeland was invaded by the British for 40 days. In 1811 Juan took over the family ranch, and by 1830 he was one of largest landowners in his province. By 1831, Juan's involvement in politics had ended the civil war.
Interesting Juan Manuel de Rosas Facts:
During the 40 day invasion of Buenos Aires in 1806 when Juan was 13, he helped his side by delivering ammunition to the soldiers. The British were defeated.
In 1807 the British returned and Juan Manuel de Rosas was assigned to a militia cavalry but illness kept him from being on active duty.
Following the British invasions Juan's family left Buenos Aires and moved to their ranch where Juan learned to run the property and control the workers, called gauchos.
Juan took control of the family ranches in 1811.
In 1813 Juan married the daughter of a wealthy Buenos Aires family Encarnacion Ezcurra.
After marrying Juan left the family ranch and began to build his own estate while producing salted meat from his own plant Los Cerrillos.
By 1816, with the Argentine War of Independence well underway. Soon a civil war broke out between the Federalists and Unitarians.
Juan Manuel de Rosas took his gauchos and enlisted in the Unitarian Army of Buenos Aires. They helped to save Buenos Aires from the Federalists.
In 1826 Juan Manuel de Rosas switched his support to the Federalists.
In 1827 Juan helped Manuel Dorrego become the leader of the Federalists, and was appointed General Commander of the rural militia.
In 1827 he organized a fight against the Unitarians who controlled Buenos Aires.
In 1828 a Unitarian coup resulted in the death of Federalist leader Manuel Dorrego and Juan Manuel de Rosas became the new leader.
In 1929 Juan became Governor after being elected by the House of Representatives.
Juan brought an end to the civil war in 1831and in 1832, at the end of his political term, he returned to his ranch.
In 1835 Juan Manuel de Rosas was re-elected as Governor, acquiring absolute power in his country.
Juan Manuel de Rosas ran his government and country with state terrorism, and it is estimated that as many as 2000 people were killed between 1829 to 1852 by the state police and countless more tortured.
In the 1840s a quiet rebellion against Juan's rule began to grow. In 1852 one of Juan's trusted lieutenants, along with Uruguay and Brazil, started the Platine War. It resulted in defeat for Juan's Argentinean Army and he was forced to flee, to England.
Juan Manuel de Rosas died on March 14th, 1877 from pneumonia.
Despite the hate of the Argentinean people, in the 1980s his body was returned to Argentina and his image has been placed on stamps and currency in his honor.

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