Vermont Facts

Vermont Facts
The State of Vermont is located in the northeastern United States, in the New England region. It shares state borders with New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Vermont also shares an international border with the Canadian province of Quebec. Vermont is the 45th largest U.S. state with 9,620 square miles. It is the 49th most populated U.S. state with approximately 626,630 residents and it is ranked as the 30th most densely populated state. Prior to European settlement the region was mainly inhabited by the Abenaki and Iroquois Indians. France claimed much of the region but ceded the land to the British in the Seven Years' War. In 1791 Vermont became the 14th U.S. state when it joined the Union.
Interesting Vermont Facts:
The name Vermont originates from the French words 'mont vert' meaning 'green mountain'.
Vermont's state nickname is the Green Mountain State.
The state motto for Vermont is 'Freedom and Unity'.
Vermont's state song is 'These Green Mountains'.
Vermont's state flag, with their coat of arms featuring sheaves of wheat, bales of hay, a cow and a large pine tree, was officially adopted in 1923.
Vermont's state capital is Montpelier and its largest city is Burlington.
Residents of Vermont are referred to as Vermonters.
Vermont's state bird is the hermit thrush and its state butterfly is the Monarch butterfly.
The state animal for Vermont is the Morgan horse and the state insect is the honeybee.
Vermont's state cold water fish is the brook trout and the state warm water fish is the walleye.
Vermont's state flower is the red clover and the state tree is the sugar maple.
Major rivers in Vermont include the Otter River, West River, and the Connecticut River.
Major lakes in Vermont include Lake Mephremagog and Lake Champlain.
Major industry in Vermont includes tourism, electronics, forestry products and paper products, marble and granite products and talc.
Major agriculture in Vermont includes fruit, dairy and maple syrup products.
Former U.S. President Chester Alan Arthur was born in Vermont in 1830. He was the 21st U.S. President and served from 1881 until 1885.
Former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge was born in Plymouth, Vermont in 1872. He was the 30th U.S. President and served from 1923 until 1929. He was the only president born on July 4th.
Following the ratification of the Constitution of the United States, Vermont was the first state to be admitted to the Union.
The largest maple syrup producer in the United States is Montpelier, Vermont.
Approximately 500,000 gallons of maple syrup are produced in Vermont each year.
Vermont was the only U.S. state without a Walmart store until 1996.
Vermont farmers are given Ben & Jerry's ice cream waste to feed to their hogs.
IBM is Vermont's largest employer.
The oldest private military college in the United States is Norwich University in Vermont.
Of all the 50 U.S. states, Vermont has the least number of violent crimes.
Most of Vermont's population lives in rural settings as opposed to urban settings.
Vermont is only 160 miles long and 80 miles wide.

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