Utah Facts

Utah Facts
The State of Utah is located in the southern mid-west United States. It shares state borders with Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona. It is the 13th largest state with 84,899 square miles. Utah is the 33rd most populated U.S. state with approximately 2,900,872 residents and it is ranked as the 41st most densely populated U.S. state. Prior to Spanish exploration of the region it was inhabited by Native Americans. Salt Lake City was the first major settlement by Mormons feeling prosecution in the 1800s. Following the Mexican War the U.S. acquired the region by treaty. Utah became the 45th U.S. state in 1896 when it joined the Union.
Interesting Utah Facts:
The word Utah is derived from a Ute Indian tribe and means 'people of the mountains'.
Utah's state nickname is the Beehive State.
The state motto for Utah is 'Industry'.
Utah's state song is 'Utah, We Love Thee'.
Residents of Utah are referred to as either Utahns or Utahans.
Utah's state seal, featured on Utah's state flag was designed by Harry Emmett Edwards in 1896 and the flag was officially adopted in 1913.
Utah's state bird is the California sea gull and the state fish is the Bonneville cutthroat trout.
The state animal for Utah is the Rocky Mountain elk.
Utah's state flower is the sego lily and the state tree is the blue spruce.
Utah's state grass is Indian rice grass and the state fruit is the cherry.
Utah's capital city and largest city is Salt Lake City.
Major rivers in Utah include the Green River and Colorado River.
Major lakes in Utah include Utah Lake, Lake Powell and Great Salt Lake.
Major industry in Utah includes mining for coal, copper, iron ore, silver and gold; natural gas, oil, steel-making and tourism, most notably skiing.
Major agriculture in Utah includes cattle, sheep, dairy products, hay, hogs, and nursery products.
Utah has 147,000 acres of lakes and reservoirs and 11,000 miles of streams for fishing.
The 2002 Winter Olympics were hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah.
One of the most famous film festivals in the world = the Sundance Film Festival = is held in Utah each January. 2013 saw 12,146 films submitted to the festival.
Levan, Utah is located in the middle of Utah, and is actually 'Navel' spelled backwards because of this.
In the mountains near Salt Lake City the average snowfall each year is 500 inches.
Originally Salt Lake City was called Great Salt Lake City. The word Great was dropped in 1868.
Utah is home to seven national monuments, two national recreation areas, six national forests, and five national parks.
Herber Valley Railroad in Utah has a popular steam engine and passenger railroad cars. They are so popular they were featured in 31 movies in 20 years.
65% of the land in Utah is owned by the United States federal government.
Utah is ranked as the most literate state in the United States.
Salt Lake City is home to the Mormon Temple = a place of worship that took 40 years to complete.

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