Maine Facts

Maine Facts
The State of Maine is located in northeastern United States. It shares state borders with New Hampshire. Maine shares an international border with both of the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec. Maine is the 39th largest state with 35,385 square miles. It is the 41st most populated U.S. state, with approximately 1.3 million residents, and is ranked as the 38th most densely populated state. Prior to European settlement, the state had been populated for thousands of years by Native American. The French were the first to establish a settlement in the early 1600s, followed by the English a few years later. During the American Revolution Loyalists and Patriots fought for Maine's land. In 1820, Maine was admitted to the Union, making it the 23rd U.S. state.
Interesting Maine Facts:
The name 'Maine' refers to the mainland and it was originally used in order to distinguish the offshore islands from the mainland.
Maine's capital city is Augusta and its largest city is Portland.
Maine residents are called Mainers.
Maine's state motto is Dirigo, which means 'I Lead'.
Maine's state song is 'State of Maine Song'.
Maine's state flag, with a farmer and seaman on its coat of arms, was adopted in 1909.
Maine's state flower is the white pine cone and tassel.
Maine's nickname is The Pine Tree State.
The state tree is the white pine.
Maine's state bird is the chickadee.
The state fish is the landlocked salmon.
Maine's state animal is the moose.
Maine has 16 counties, 1 state forest, 30 or more state parks, and 18 state historic sites.
Maine's major lakes include Richardson Lake and Lake Moosehead.
Maine's major rivers include St. John River, Penobscot River, Kennebec River and Androscoggin River.
Maine borders both the Gulf of Maine and the Atlantic Ocean.
Maine is home to 5,000 streams, more than 2,500 lakes, as well as mountains, seacoast, and many resorts for tourists to enjoy.
Maine's major agriculture includes potatoes, apples, blueberries, dairy products, vegetables, poultry and eggs.
Maine's major industry includes fishing, tourism, electronics, shipbuilding and machinery.
Approximately 75 million flat tins of sardines are produced in Maine each year.
Maine is one of the leading producers of pulp and paper in the world.
Eastport, Maine is the United States' most eastern city.
Maine is both the only state to border only one other state, and the only state with only one syllable in its name.
Approximately 90% of the lobster consumed in the United States is caught off Maine's coast.
Maine is the single largest producer of blueberries in the U.S., producing 99% of the total produced nationwide.
Maine produces 90% of the toothpicks in the United States.
Maine's Acadia National Park is so popular it is the second most visited U.S. national park.
The first veteran's hospital in the United States was Togus, founded in 1866.
Fort Knox in Maine was built in 1844 to protect against the British Navy.
The first sawmill in the United States was built in 1623 near York.
Maine has 17 million acres of forest.

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