NASCAR is a sanctioning body that is responsible for overseeing several different types of auto racing events. NASCAR stands for the 'National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing'. It was founded on February 21st, 1948 by William France, Sr., along with other drivers. The original three divisions included Modified, Roadster, and Strictly Stock. Roadster was abandoned fairly quickly as it was not popular. The first Strictly Stock race was held at Charlotte Speedway on June 19th, 1949. The first NASCAR race held outside of the U.S. took place on July 1st, 1952, near Niagara Falls, Ontario. The most profitable and popular NASCAR Cup Series, which began as the Strictly Stock Series, and many other names over the years, became known as the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in 2016.
Interesting NASCAR Facts:
The only sport in the United States with more fans than NASCAR is professional football.
The three most popular and largest NASCAR series today are the Sprint Cup Series (now the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series), the Xfinity Series, and the Camping World Truck Series.
The average NASCAR car can reach speeds of 150 miles per hour to over 200 miles per hour. This would be the same as traveling the length of a football field in only one second.
The temperature in a NASCAR car can reach 170 degrees. Drivers experience between two and three G's when making turns on the track. This is equal to up to three times the force of gravity.
The Daytona 500 is the biggest NASCAR race of the year. This is also the first race each year.
During a race a NASCAR driver can lose as much as 10 pounds from body sweat. They must stay hydrated or they can lose their ability to focus.
The greatest driver in the history of NASCAR is racing legend Richard Petty. He won 200 NASAR races. He won Daytona 500 a total of seven times. Richard Petty invented the window net to help protect the drivers' arms during a crash.
NASCAR drivers must weigh 200 pounds to race. If they do not weigh 200 pounds, weights are added until this weight is reached.
A NASCAR driver does not have to have a driver's license to race. Drivers must pass a drug test and physical test however.
A NASCAR race team will wear out over 15 sets of tires a week.
When fines are imposed on drivers the money collected is donated to charities.
The taillights and headlights and front grilles of NASCAR cars are actually vinyl decals.
Because there is no way to stop for bathroom breaks during a NASCAR race, the drivers often just go in their seat. When the race is over and they have to exit the car they pour water or Gatorade on their body to try and hide the obvious.
Some of the most famous NASCAR drivers include Dale Earnhardt Jr., Dale Earnhardt, Tony Stewart, and Jeff Gordon.
Many movies have been made involving NASCAR including Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and Days of Thunder.

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