Crispus Attucks Facts

Crispus Attucks Facts
Crispus Attucks was an African/Native American man who became the first casualty of the American Revolution and the first person to die at the Boston massacre. He was born in 1723, in Framingham, Massachusetts. His mother was a Natick Indian named Nancy Attucks and his father was believed to have been an African slave named Prince Yonger. Crispus' youth is not well documented but it is believed that he learned about trading and buying goods at an early age. He escaped from his landowner in 1750 and spent 20 years working on ships and as a rope maker. Crispus became the first casualty of the American Revolution when the British shot him during an escalating fight in front of the customs house in Boston.
Interesting Crispus Attucks Facts:
Both of Crispus Attucks' parents were slaves.
At only 16 Crispus Attucks was sold to William Brown.
Crispus Attucks was a slave owned by William Brown in Framingham, Massachusetts until 1750 when he escaped at the age of 27.
When Crispus Attucks escaped William Brown put an advertisement in the Boston Gazette for his return. It read 'a Molatto fellow, about 27 years of age, named Crispas, 6'2" high, etc...' Crispus was never recaptured by William Brown.
Crispus Attucks used the name Michael Johnson to help with his escape from William Brown.
For the first 10 years after escaping slavery Crispus Attucks worked as a whaler aboard whaling ships.
For the next 10 years Crispus Attucks worked as a rope maker and as a sea merchant.
While working as a rope maker and sea merchant the tensions began to rise in Boston over the occupation by British soldiers.
Several fights broke out between Bostonians, sailors and the British soldiers leading up to the Boston Massacre.
On March 5th, 1770 a group of sailors, including Crispus Attucks, protested against the British in front of the customs house in Boston. As the approximately 50 protestors advanced towards the British they repeated the words: "Don't be afraid."
As the group of sailors approached the soldiers the soldiers opened fire. The first person killed was Crispus Attucks. He was shot in the chest by Hugh Montgomery.
Four others were killed by the British soldiers including Samuel Gray, Patrick Carr, James Caldwell, and Samuel Maverick.
This incident became known as the Boston Massacre.
The funeral for the victims of the Boston Massacre was attended by approximately 10,000 people.
At trial most of the soldiers at the Boston Massacre were found not guilty. Hugh Montgomery, the man who killed Crispus Attucks, was found guilty of manslaughter. Matthew Killroy was also found guilty of manslaughter. The rest were found not guilty because the jury decided the soldiers were provoked.
In 1858 abolitionists celebrated a Crispus Attucks Day in his honor.
A monument of the Boston Massacre was erected in 1888 at Boston Common.
A silver dollar was issued in 1998 by the United States government to honor the birth of Crispus Attucks and the black Revolutionary War patriots (there were roughly 5000).

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