Houston Texans Facts

Houston Texans Facts
The Houston Texans are a professional football team playing in the South Division of the AFC (American Football Conference) of the NFL. The Houston Texans were established in 2002 as an NFL expansion team after the previous NFL franchise the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee and became the Tennessee Titans. The team was founded by Bob McNair, with plans beginning in 1997, when the Houston Oilers owner got the green light to move to Nashville. The team was awarded to Houston in 1999 and played their first season in 2002. From 2002 until present the Houston Texans' home field has been NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, although it was called Reliant Stadium from 2002 until 2013.
Interesting Houston Texans Facts:
The Houston Texans team colors are deep steel blue, battle red, and liberty white.
The mascot of the Houston Texans is Toro, and their team fight song is Bulls on Parade.
The Houston Texans have yet to win a conference championship or league championship. They won the AFC South Division Championships in 2011, and in 2012.
As of 2014, the Houston Texans have appeared in two NFL Playoff seasons including years 2011 and 2012.
Current owner of the Houston Texans is Bob McNair, who owns 95% of the team. He is also chairman and CEO of the team.
The current president of the Houston Texans is Jamey Rootes.
The Houston Texans general manager (2014) is Rick Smith and the head coach is Bill O'Brien.
The logo of the Houston Texans is a bull's head that resembles the Texas flag with a lone star, representing pride, courage, strength, tradition, and independence with each of its five points.
Head coaches of the Houston Texans have included Don Capers (2001 to 2006), Gary Kubiak (2006 to 2013), Wade Phillips (2013 to 2014), and Bill O'Brien (from 2014 to present).
There is a 45 member music group called the Bull Pen Pep Band that performs at all of the home games of the Houston Texans.
The Houston Texans theme song is Clay Walkers "It's Football Time in Houston".
In 2003 the Houston Texans tried to use a Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) song as their fight song but fans didn't approve.
Houston Texans' defensive end J. J. Watt was awarded the Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year in 2012.
In 2006 linebacker DeMeco Ryans was awarded the Associated Press Rookie of the Year Award. In 2009 linebacker Brian Cushing was awarded the Associated Press Rookie of the Year Award.
Houston Texans' MVP recipients have included running back Domanick Davis in 2005, linebacker DeMeco Ryans in 2007, wide receiver Andre Johnson in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2013, running back Arian Foster in 2010, and defensive end J. J. Watt in 2012.
The Mark Bruener Award, given annually by the Houston Texans to one of their outstanding players has been awarded to Seth Payne (2004), Mark Bruener (2005 to 2008), DeMeco Ryans (2009 and 2011), and Chris Myers (2010 and 2012).
Many fans see the Tennessee Titans as the chief rival of the Houston Texans.

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