William John Swainson Facts

William John Swainson Facts
William John Swainson FLS, FRS (October 8, 1789 to December 6, 1855) was an English naturalist and artist.
Interesting William John Swainson Facts:
Swainson was born in London, England, and was the oldest son of John Timothy Swainson.
The elder Swainson was an original member of the Linnean Society and held a high position in Customs.
In 1803 William Swainson joined the Liverpool Customs as a junior clerk.
In 1806 he accepted a junior post with the Commissary General.
From 1807 to 1814 he lived in Malta and Sicily with the army of occupation.
He spent much time studying the flora and fauna Sicily and Greece.
In 1815 he became ill and was forced to return to England where he retired and received a pension.
In 1816 he was elected member of the Linnean Society.
He joined an expedition to Brazil in 1816 and collected many specimens of plants and animals.
He became a fellow of the Royal Society in 1820 and began publication of his studies in natural history including Zoological Illustrations and Exotic Conchology.
He was a gifted artist and he spent fifteen years writing and illustrating his works in natural history.
From 1841 to 1852 he lived in New Zealand with his second wife and children.
The Australian government invited him to study the zoology of Australia.
He spent 1852 to 1854 studying the flora of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.
Swainson described 1,520 of gum trees and described the method of their variation.

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