Sven Wingqvist Facts

Sven Wingqvist Facts
Sven Gustaf Wingqvist (December 10, 1876 to April 17, 1953) was a Swedish engineer, inventor and industrialist.
Interesting Sven Wingqvist Facts:
Sven Gustaf Wingqvist was born in Orebro, Sweden, and was the son of the railway station inspector.
In 1894 he graduated from Rudbecksskolan (Technical Elementary School) in Orebro.
In 1899 he went to work as an engineer at the Gamlestadens Textile plant in goteborg.
The factory was plagued with frequent breakdowns due to the unstable ground on which the plant was built.
The minor movements caused extra forces on the main drive shafts and broke the bearings.
Wingqvist researched various types of bearings and he set up a small workshop within the factory to test various designs and materials.
In 1906 he received a patent for his design of a self-aligning ball bearing.
In 1907 he founded SKF (Svenska Kullagerfabriken) which was a subsidiary of Gamlestaden Textile.
A patent was granted to him in 1907 for a multi-row self-aligning ball bearing.
He sent his patent application to 10 other countries and all of them granted him a patent.
By 1910 the company had 325 employees and had expanded to other countries.
By 1912 the company had representatives in 32 countries.
In 1926 Assar Gabrielsson and Bjorn Prytz of SKF founded Volvo.
SKF funded the company in the early years and was a partner until 1935.
By 1930 SKF employed 21,000 workers in its 12 manufacturing facilities.
From 1933 to 1953 Wingqvist was the CEO for SKF.
From 1933 to 1938 he was also managing director for Bofors, the Swedish arms manufacturer.
Today SKF employs 44,000 people in 70 countries.
SKF remains the world leader in the manufacture of high quality ball bearings for a variety of industrial uses.

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