Ramon Barba Facts

Ramon Barba Facts
Ramon Cabanos Barba (born August 31, 1939 is a Filipino inventor and horticulturist. He invented a process to increase flowering in mango trees using ethrel and potassium nitrate. In June 2014 he was proclaimed a National Scientist of the Philippines.
Interesting Ramon Barba Facts:
Barba was born in Ilocos Norte, Philippines and was the youngest of four children.
He attended high school at the University of the Philippines.
The renowned orchid researcher Dr. Helen Layosa Valmayor was the biology laboratory instructor.
In 1958 he graduated from the University of the Philippines with a BS in Agriculture.
His grandfather who was an official of the Bureau of Plants and Industry encouraged his studies.
In 1962 he earned his MS in Horticulture from the University of Georgia where he had experimented on inducing flowering in plants using gibberellic acid and potassium nitrate.
In 1967 he earned his PhD in Plant Physiology from the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii.
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Quimson of Quimara Farms in San Antonio allowed him to conduct experiment on their mango farm.
He induced 400 trees to flower within a week to a month of the first spraying.
He documented his study in a paper titled Induction of Flowering of the Mango by Chemical Spray.
He expanded his research on plant physiology to include bananas, cassava, and sugarcane.
He has been credited with greatly increasing the mango industry in the Philippines.
Barba patented his process to prevent others from doing so and does not charge farmers for its use.
Dr. Barba was recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men in Agriculture in 1974.
He received Horticultural Technology Award in June 1999.

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