Neil Armstrong Facts

Neil Armstrong Facts
Neil Alden Armstrong was born on August 5th, 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. His father was Stephen Koenig Armstrong, an auditor for the Ohio government, and his mother was Viola Louise Engel. Neil's family moved a lot because of his father's job, but in 1944 they settled back to Neil's birthplace. Neil was only five when he had his first airplane ride and once in high school he began flying lessons. He was 16 when he earned his flight certificate, and at 17 he was attending Perdue University for aeronautical engineering. At 18 he was called up to the Navy and became a fully qualified Naval Aviator two weeks before his 20th birthday. After several years of military service and earning several degrees he became the first man to walk on the moon.
Interesting Neil Armstrong Facts:
Neil Armstrong earned his flight certificate before he earned his driver's license.
Neil Armstrong served as a fighter pilot during the Korean War.
After the Korean War Neil finished college.
After finishing college Neil Armstrong joined the organization that would later become NASA.
In 1956 Neil Armstrong married Janet Shearon. They had three children together; Eric was born in 1957; Karen was born in 1959; Mark was born in 1963.
Their second born child Karen died in 1962 from a brain tumor.
In 1962 Neil Armstrong joined the astronaut program.
Neil and his family moved to Houston, Texas after joining the astronaut program.
Neil Armstrong's first mission as part of the astronaut program was as the command pilot for the Gemini VIII.
On March 16, 1966 Neil Armstrong and David Scott, another astronaut, were launched into earth's orbit. This mission was the first time that two vehicles docked successfully in space. Problems cut the mission short and only 11 hours later they landed in the Pacific Ocean.
In 1969 Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins, aboard the Apollo 11, landed on the moon.
Neil Armstrong exited the Lunar Module at 10:56pm on July 20th, 1969 and took the first step on the moon.
While making that first step on the moon Neil Armstrong said, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
Neil and Edwin walked on the moon and took photographs, collected samples and conducted experiments for approximately two and a half hours.
A ticker-tape parade was held in New York City when the Apollo 11 returned to earth.
Six hundred million people watched Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon.
Neil Armstrong served as the deputy associate administrator for aeronautics for NASA until 1971.
Neil Armstrong and Edwin ‘Buzz' Aldrin's footprints from the first moon walk are still on the moon because of the thick dust and lack of wind.
Neil Armstrong received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Neil Armstrong worked as an aerospace engineer professor at the University of Cincinnati.
In 1994 Neil and Janet divorced. He later married Carol.
In 2010 Neil Armstrong testified against the decision to cancel the Constellation program which would have included another trip to the moon.
Neil Armstrong died on August 25th, 2012 due to complications from cardiovascular procedures. He was 82 years old.

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