Mihalio Petrovic Alas Facts

Mihalio Petrovic Alas Facts
Mihailo Petrović Alas (May 6, 1868 to June 8, 1943), was Serbian mathematician and inventor. He was also a distinguished professor at Belgrade University. Petrović studied differential equations and invented one of the first prototypes of an analog computer.
Interesting Mihalio Petrovic Alas Facts:
Petrovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia where his father was a professor of theology.
He finished his studies in natural science and mathematics in Belgrade in 1889 and went to Paris to continue his studies.
On June 21, 1894 he defended his thesis and received his PhD in mathematics in the field of differential equations.
That same year he became a professor at the Grande Ecole (later University of Belgrade).
In 1897 he became an associate member of the Serbian Royal Academy and the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts.
He was nicknamed Alas (river fisherman) because he was an avid fisherman.
In 1892 he became an apprentice fisherman and in 1895 took the exam for master fisherman.
He was a consultant in talks with Romania and Austria-Hungary about the protection of the riverine fisheries.
He was a member of the scientific expedition for explorations of the South Pole.
He published many scientific books and journals that he wrote during his sea expeditions.
In 1900 he won a gold medal at the World Exposition in Paris for his hydrointegrator.
He was an officer in the Balkan Wars and in World War I where he used his skills as a cryptographer.
During World War II he was captured by the Germans but eventually released due to illness.
He died in Belgrade before the war was over.

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