Keisuke Ito Facts

Keisuke Ito Facts
Keisuke Ito (February 18, 1803 to January 20, 1901) was a Japanese physician and biologist. He studied Western science under Philipp Franz von Siebold during the 1820s. He invented a vaccination against smallpox.
Interesting Keisuke Ito Facts:
Keisuke Ito was born in Gofuku-cho Nagoya City.
His father was a doctor and taught him Confucianism and medicine.
In 1820 he became a doctor and at the age of 19 he went to Kyoto to study European sciences.
He developed a love of botany and in 1827 he went to Nagasaki to study under Francis Siebold, the noted author of Fauna Japonica and Flora Japonica.
He wrote 17 important books on the flora of Japan including Nippon Sanbutsushi and Nippon Shokubutsu Zusetsu Soubu.
In 1852 he was ordered to examine various methods of smallpox vaccination and he established a method for Japan.
He promoted the study of natural sciences and in 1868 urged Aichi Prefecture to establish a medical school.
This suggestion was accepted and the first medical school in Nagoya was established and it later became the basis of Nagoya University.
In 1881 he accepted a position as professor at the University of Tokyo and in 1888 he was awarded a PhD in science from the institution.
He was the first director of the University Graduates Society.
In 1901 he became Professor Emeritus of the University and was elevated to the title of Baron.

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