Jan Baptista Van Helmont Facts

Jan Baptista Van Helmont Facts
Jan Baptist van Helmont (January 12, 1580 to December 30, 1644) was a Flemish chemist, physiologist, and physician. He recognized the existence of discrete gases and identified carbon dioxide. He is called the father of pneumatic chemistry.
Interesting Jan Baptista Van Helmont Facts:
Van Helmont was born in Vilvoorde, Spanish Netherlands (present day Belgium) and was the youngest of five children.
He studied philosophy, the classics and law before changing his course of study to medicine.
He received a doctorate of Medicine in 1599 from Catholic University of Louvain.
He traveled throughout Europe to increase his knowledge of medicine.
In 1609 he married into the nobility and retired to one of his estates in Merode.
During the remainder of his life he dedicated himself to chemical research and relief of suffering among the poor.
In 1621 he published "Of the Magnetic Curing of Wounds" which landed him in ecclesiastical court.
He coined the word "gas" from the Greek word for Chaos and was the first to discover that there are gases distinct from ordinary air.
He is known for his five year study on the growth of trees.
In 1624 he published a paper critical of the curative value of Spa.
The brought him into conflict with other physicians and discouraged him from publishing other papers.
He studied digestion and opined that there was a chemical reagent which aided digestion within the body.
Today scientists recognize the role of enzymes in digestion.

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