Gustav Kirchoff Facts

Gustav Kirchoff Facts
Gustav Kirchhoff (12 March 1824 to 17 October 1887) was a German physicist. He experimented with electrical circuits and spectroscopy and coined the term "black-body" radiation in 1862. His circuit laws are the foundation of electrical engineering.
Interesting Gustav Kirchoff Facts:
Kirchoff was born in Königsberg, East Prussia, now Kaliningrad, Russia.
He graduated from the Albertus University of Königsberg in 1847.
In 1845, while still only a student at the university, Kirchoff wrote a paper detailing his circuit laws; this study later became the basis of his doctoral dissertation.
His first law makes possible the calculation of currents, voltages and resistances of electric systems.
Kirchoff discovered that thermal radiation is given off by all objects that have a temperature greater than absolute zero and gave a proof for his law of thermal radiation in 1861.
In 1854 he became a professor at the University of Heidelberg and with Robert Bunsen founded the science of spectrum analysis by proving that every element gives off a characteristic wave length of light when heated to incandescence.
They used this technique to discover cesium in 1860 and rubidium in 1861.
In 1862 he received the Rumford Medal for his research.
When he applied spectral analysis to the study of the Sun, he discovered that when light is passed through a gas, the gas absorbs those wavelengths it would have emitted if heated.
This discovery was important to the field of astronomy.
In 1875 he accepted the first chair of theoretical physics created at the University of Berlin.
Kirchoff was immensely important in the field of spectroscopy due to his formation of the three laws that outline the composition of light emitted by incandescent objects.
His work improved on the previously established work of David Alter and Anders Jonas Ångström.
He is also remembered for important contributions to optics, as he solved Maxwell's equations in order to establish a solid basis and correct Huygens' principle.
In 1887, Kirchoff died and was laid to rest in the St Matthäus Kirchhof Cemetery in Berlin, near the graves of the Grimm Brothers.

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