Evangelista Torricelli Facts

Evangelista Torricelli Facts
Evangelista Torricelli ( 15 October 1608 to 25 October 1647) was an Italian physicist and mathematician and inventor of the barometer.
Interesting Evangelista Torricelli Facts:
He was born in Rome to Gaspare Ruberti and Giacoma Torricelli.
Ruberti was a poor textile worker so he sent his son to Faenze to be educated by his uncle, Jacobo, a Camaldolese monk.
Jacobo secured a sound basic education for young Torricelli and in 1624 entered him into a Jesuit College to study mathematics and philosophy.
In 1626 Torricelli was sent to Rome to study science at the Collegio della Sapienza.
Torricelli's teacher, Benedictine monk Benedetto Castelli, was a student of Galileo's.
While Torricelli was his student Castelli experimented on running water and Pope Urban VIII funded his experiments with hydraulics.
In 1632 Torricelli wrote to Galileo congratulating him on his support of the Copernican view of the solar system.
Unfortunately that view put Galileo at odds with the Vatican and he was condemned to house arrest.
In 1641 Castelli sent Torricelli's paper on the path of projectiles to Galileo who invited Torricelli to visit.
After Galileo's death on 8 January 1642, the Grand Duke Ferdinano de'Medici asked Torricelli to become the grand-ducal mathematician and chair of mathematics at the University of Pisa.
In 1644 he published his book Opera Geometrica in which he solved some of the great mathematical problems of his day.
He designed and built several microscopes and telescopes and several large lenses can still be seen in Florence.
He died of typhoid fever and is buried at the Basilica of San Lorenzo.
The asteroid 7437 Torricelli and a crater on the Moon were named for him.

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