Ernst Werner Von Siemens Facts

Ernst Werner Von Siemens Facts
Ernst Werner Siemens (13 December1816 to 6 December 1892) was a German inventor and industrialist.
Interesting Ernst Werner Von Siemens Facts:
Siemens was born in Lenthe, Germany and was the 4th of 14 children.
Since his father was a tenant farmer and could not afford the tuition to a university, Siemens joined the Prussian Military Academy's school of Engineering in 1835.
He was a good soldier and received several medals.
While in the Army he invented an electric sea mine which was used against a Danish blockade of Kiel.
His first invention was an improvement to the gold and silver plating process the rights to which he sold to Elkington of Birmingham in 1843.
Siemens invented a telegraph that used a needle to point to the letters rather than using the old system of Morse code.
The invention was successful and he founded his company, Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siements and Halske on 1 October 1847.
The company was international from the earliest days with his brother, Werner, representing the company in England and his brother,Carl, opening a branch in St. Petersburg.
In 1880 Siemens he built the first electric elevator.
His company made the tubes for Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen's experiments with X-rays.
On 14 December 1877 he received a German patent for a moving coil inductor which the Bell company later used in a loudspeaker.
He was the inventor of the electric trollybus which was first tested on 29 April 1882.
He received 4 U.S. patents for various inventions for the electric railway and one in May 1890 for an electric meter.
Siemens retired in 1890 and died in 1892.
Siemens AG is one of the largest technological firms in the world and the von Siemens family still owns 6% of the shares and holds a seat on the Board.

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