Ernesto Illy Facts

Ernesto Illy Facts
Ernesto Illy (July 18, 1925 to February 3, 2008) was an Italian food chemist and businessman.
Interesting Ernesto Illy Facts:
Ernesto Illy was born in Trieste, Italy and was the son of the Hungarian-Italian chocolate maker, Francesco Illy.
In 1933 Francesco Illy invented the Illeta or modern espresso maker that made consistently excellent coffee.
He also invented the pressurization method of preserving coffee.
Ernesto Illy left to study chemistry at the University of Bologna in 1947 and he immediately joined the family's espresso company after his graduation in 1956.
His passion for coffee led him to create the first ever laboratory for the scientific study of coffee at the Illy company.
In an interview near the end of his life, Illy stated that his greatest contribution to coffee was to apply scientific principles to its manufacture.
His laboratory experiments resulted in a high-tech coffee manufacturing process which specialized in the production of espresso.
He became chairman of Illy S.p.A in1963 and ran the company until 2004.
In 1974 the company invented the first ever coffee pod.
Called the E.S.E or Easy Serving Espresso, the pod gained wide popularity. For its consistently good results.
In 1988 the Illy put in an exclusive, patented computer system to scan every bean for quality and eliminate those that don't meet the company standards.
His research led him to conclude that drinking coffee had many health benefits.
Illy receive many awards and much recognition for his work with coffee including Cavaliere del Lavoro ( Knight of Industry) in 1994 and Honorary Citizenship of Brazil in 2002.
He served as Chairman of the Promotion Committee of the International Coffee Organization in 2002 and was awarded several honorary doctorates and Master's degrees.
He and his wife Anna Rossi had three sons and one daughter all of whom work for the Illy company.

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