Benjamin Franklin Facts

Benjamin Franklin Facts
Benjamin Franklin (January 17, 1706 to April 17, 1790) was an American statesman and founding father who is possibly better known for his political assistance in shaping the new country than he is for his important contributions to science and innovation.
Interesting Benjamin Franklin Facts:
Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, the son of Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger Franklin.
Franklin only attended school through age ten due to his family's financial status, but he continued on self-educated through his insatiable appetite for learning.
After working for his father, he was apprenticed to his brother, James, a printer.
While Benjamin was an apprentice, James founded the first independent newspaper in the US colonies, imparting in Benjamin the importance of having unrestricted access to truthful news.
Franklin was not allowed to publish a letter he'd written to the paper, so published the letter under the pseudonym "Mrs. Silence Dogood." The letter and those that followed it were very popular with readers.
Franklin ran away from his apprenticeship without permission and became a fugitive, fleeing to Philadelphia where he worked for several printers before taking a position in London with a printer.
He returned to the US and to Philadelphia as the clerk and bookkeeper for an area merchant, then founded a discussion group of artisans called Junto.
Franklin invented the first-ever subscription-based library through contributions of the Junto members, and the Library Company of Philadelphia was formed in 1731.
The library still exists today and now holds more than 500,000 rare books and writings, more than 160,000 early manuscripts, and other important documents.
Franklin went on to found The Pennsylvania Gazette and the first US-based German-language newspaper, Die Philadelphische Zeitung, and even after he became a world-renowned statesman and inventor, he continued to sign his name as "B. Franklin, Printer."
Aside from Franklin's important work in printing and securing freedom of the press, he was a noted inventor whose scientific discoveries were tremendously important.
He is known for inventing the lightning rod, the bifocals, and a flexible urinary catheter, among several other useful and life-changing inventions.
Perhaps his greatest invention was a social innovation, the concept of paying it forward through good works for others as a means of repaying the good that was done to the individual.
Franklin is remembered for the creation of the Poor Richard Almanac.

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