Alfred Kinsey Facts

Alfred Kinsey Facts
Alfred Kinsey (June 23, 1894 to August 25, 1956) was an American biologist who specialized in entomology and zoology, but is best remembered for pioneering research in sexual behaviors and practices, which led to a greater understanding of sexual practices and attitudes towards sex.
Interesting Alfred Kinsey Facts:
As a child in New Jersey, Kinsey lived for part of his childhood in considerable poverty and unsanitary conditions, which led to his early years being affected by health problems.
These health problems included rickets, which led him to have a noticeable stoop in his spine; this condition prevented him from serving in the military during World War I.
Possibly due to his family's income level, Kinsey's free time and entertainment were spent out of doors for the most part, where he developed his interests in nature, animals, plants, and biology.
Despite his father's mandate that he study engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, Kinsey transferred to a new school after two years and changed his major to biology; he finished his undergraduate with degrees in entomology and psychology.
He went on to attend graduate school at Harvard, and eventually completed his doctorate there as well.
Kinsley was bisexual, which may have prompted some of his interest in human sexual behavior; his wife was aware of his orientation and supported him in his interest in other partners.
Kinsey's research into sexual behaviors of typical citizens led to the establishment of the Kinsey Scale, used in determining a rating scale for individuals' sexual orientation. He also developed what came to be known as the Kinsey Reports, arguably the world's first-ever comprehension compilation of data in human sexual behaviors.
Kinsey was a highly controversial figure and his work was widely criticized in pop culture and the media; the scientific community, however, was intrigued by his information given his meticulous attention to following the scientific method and incorporating sound research practices and data collection.
His data was repeatedly called into question, along with his motives for his work. His in-depth questioning of pedophiles-which later reportedly turned out to be simply interviews with one repeat offender-was especially upsetting to many people.
Kinsey was detained at an airport once and his research seized by customs officials for its pornographic nature after he traveled abroad to study the sexual practices in different countries; that issue wasn't resolved during his lifetime.
Kinsey died of a heart ailment and pneumonia at the age of 62. Following his death, the true nature of his important work became recognized and more credence paid to his contributions.

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