Chromium Facts

Chromium Facts
Chromium (Cr) is chemical element in the transition metals group with an atomic number of twenty-four. This steel-gray, hard metal is the first element found in group six.
Interesting Chromium Facts:
Chromium was used in ancient times, specifically by the ancient Chinese.
The weapons of the famous Terracotta Army of the Qin Dynasty in China were tipped with chromium deposits, which helped prevent tarnishing.
As early as the 1700s, chromium was used to create highly sought after pigments, specifically red and yellow.
It has long had uses as a shiny coating for pipes and car parts, commonly known as chrome.
85% of chromium produced goes towards creating metal alloys.
Chromium has three naturally occurring, stable isotopes, Cr-52, Cr-53, and Cr-54.
Cr-52 is the most abundant of these isotopes, occurring with 83.8% abundance.
There are nineteen known radioactive isotopes of chromium.
There are a large number of chromium compounds, and most are very effective oxidants.
Industrially, about four and a half million tons of chromium are mined annually.
Ferrochromium and metallic chromium are the two chief products made from mining.
Chromium (III) is what gives natural rubies their red color.
Chromium salts have been used since early times in the tanning of leather.
Some forms of chromium are non-toxic, while Chromium (VI) is both toxic and carcinogenic.
Due to cellular transport properties, only trace amounts of chromium enter the cells of living organisms.
Environmental organizations are working on studying and cleaning industrial sites where chromium paints and primers were dumped.

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