Isalo National Park Facts

Isalo National Park Facts
Isalo National Park is an 815 square kilometer park located in the southwest region of Madagascar. The region has been inhabited traditionally by the Bara people. In 1962 Isalo National Park was created, which consists of savannah and dry tropical forest. In 1997 the park began to be managed by the Madagascar National Parks Association. Isalo National Park contains very important freshwater reservoirs, and a variety of wildlife species including at least 14 lemur species. One of the biggest threats to Isalo National Park is wildfires, one of which did extensive damage in 2010 to the canyon forests of the park.
Interesting Isalo National Park Facts:
Because Madagascar is separate from Africa's mainland it has several species that are not found elsewhere including the many varieties of lemur.
There are a variety of landscapes and ecosystems in Isalo National Park including grassland, forests, canyons, sandstone formations, and oases lined with palm trees as well as lakes and rivers.
The climate of Isalo National Park is dry tropical forest, and it experiences a seasonal rainfall with approximately 85 cm in total. The temperature ranges from 17 - 25 degrees Celsius on average, although it is not uncommon for the temperature to exceed 30 degrees Celsius.
There are at least 340 species of fauna in Isalo National Park including 14 mammal species, 15 frog species, 33 reptile species, 82 bird species, and 14 lemur species.
Vegetation zones within Isalo National Park include Riparian forests, sclerophyle forests, rupicolous vegetation, and dry forests.
Within Isalo National Park are several large campgrounds for visitors to use, and it is one of the countries most visited regions.
The Bara people live in the region around Isalo National Park. They are the original inhabitants of the area.
Visitors to Isalo National Park can enjoy short hikes of only an hour or two - to long multiple day guided excursions.
Frogs that can be found in Isalo National Park include the brownish Mantidactylus and the Scaphiophyyne gottlebei. These frog species are both endemic to the region.
Reptiles that can be found within the park include jewel chameleons, spiny-tailed lizards, Oustalet's chameleon, and the stump tailed chameleon.
Some of the bird species found within Isalo National Park include the white-throated rail, Benson's rock thrush, kestrel, wagtail, and coucal.
There are at least 14 species of lemur found in Isalo National Park including the daytime red-fronted lemur, the ring-tailed lemur, and Verreaux's Sifaka, and the nighttime gray mouse lemur, red-tailed sportive lemur, and Coquerel's giant mouse lemur, among many others.
Many consider the flora to be more impressive than the fauna in Isalo National Park, as wildlife is limited compared to other regions. There are more than 500 species of plants found within the park, including endemic species.
Popular trails within Isalo National Park include the Piscine Naturelle, the Canyon des Singes, and the Namaza Circuit.
Isalo National Park can be explored on foot or by car.
The park has waterfalls, canyons, and natural swimming pools where visitors can swim and refresh themselves when exploring.

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