Boss's Day Facts

Boss's Day Facts
Boss's Day is celebrated on October 16th each year, or the closest working day if October 16th falls on a weekend. In 1958 Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee for State Farm Insurance in Illinois registered October 16th as 'National Boss' Day' with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. At the time her father was her boss and October 16 was his birthday. She believed bosses deserved recognition for their hard work, and in 1962 the Illinois governor officially proclaimed Boss's Day. Boss's Day is meant to be a day for employees to appreciate their supervisors, and to provide an opportunity for bosses and employees to improve their relationships. Boss's Day is also known as National Boss Day, but it is not a nationwide public holiday.
Interesting Boss's Day Facts:
The word 'boss' originated from the Dutch word 'baas'. Baas means 'master' which was the common title for the ship captain.
Other meanings for the word boss include: swelling, top-class, or cow/calf.
The first time the word 'boss' was used as an American English term it was to replace the word 'master', in 1625.
Hallmark did not publish a Boss's Day greeting car until 1979. Today there are more than 56 different cards to honor bosses.
There are estimated to be approximately 11 million people working in supervisor/management roles in the United States.
Some people give their bosses gifts such as business cards, flowers, or gift certificates on Boss's Day as a way to show their appreciation.
Of all the bosses in the world approximately 40% are female. Approximately only 12% of American companies have female CEOs.
On Boss's Day employees are supposed to avoid confrontations with their superiors out of respect for them.
'Boss' is the 3714th most common surname in the United States.
The word 'boss' became popular in the 1950s as a slang term for top notch or first rate.
Bruce Springsteen is a famous singer and songwriter who became known as 'The Boss' throughout his career.
Famous songs that refer to bosses include Elvis Presley's 'Big Boss Man', and Moxy Fruvous' 'I Love My Boss'. One of the former members of Moxy Fruvous has been criminally implicated in Canada for abusing his position as a boss against female employees and interns in 2014.
In 2008 Yahoo conducted a survey and discovered that 43% of the employees do not like their boss' style of management.
It is often said that 'people don't leave companies, they leave managers'.
In a survey approximately 86% of Americans gave their bosses praise but 32% admitted to disobeying the bosses' orders.
Boss's Day is a controversial holiday. Not everyone believes that employees should be honoring bosses.
Boss's Day gifts for women can include flowers, cards, gift certificates, gift baskets, business stationary, lunches, plants, wine or chocolate.
Boss's Day gifts for men can include cards, gift certificates, business stationary, lunches, golf gifts, whiskey, cigars, pens, mugs, or even sports memorabilia.
It is not mandatory that employees give their boss a gift on Boss's Day.
Boss's Day is also now celebrated in Canada, South Africa, India, Ireland, Egypt, and Australia.

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