Spanish Armada Facts

Spanish Armada Facts
The Spanish Armada was a fleet of 130 Spanish ships that left Lisbon in 1588 to invade England. Philip II, the Spanish monarch wanted to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I, and with the support of the Pope (via 180 priests on board the ships), and approximately 30,000 troops, they intended to convert the English back to the Roman Church. The English fleet was not as large nor were their ships as big, but the English held their own and won, defeating Spain's Armada. The Spanish Armada was also affected by terrible wind and rain that sent many ships northward and into the rocky shores of Ireland. Following England's victory the Protestant religion spread further throughout Europe.
Interesting Spanish Armada Facts:
The Duke of Medina Sidonia was the commander of the Spanish Armada.
The Spanish Armada had 130 ships, 25,000 guns, 14,000 barrels of wine, 4,990,000kg of ship's biscuits, and 11,000 sandals (pairs).
Many of the Spanish Armada's ships were former merchant ships that had been converted to battle ships.
The English commanders were Sir Francis Drake and Lord Howard.
The Spanish thought that once they landed they would gain support from English Catholics, but attempts by these people were thwarted by England's rulers.
The English and Spanish ships met in the English Channel. The English were able to fight the Spanish because they were able to manoeuvre easier in their smaller ships.
The English sent 80 flaming ships towards the Spanish Armada, causing the ships to scatter. Once the Spanish Armada's battle formation of the crescent was broken they scattered into open sea. Here the English were able to defeat them.
He weather is also believed to be a major factor in the British victory. The wind was so strong that many of the Spanish Armada's ships were blown off course as they tried to flee.
Many ships of the Spanish Armada no longer had anchors so when they drifted north they were unable to stop from landing on the rocks of the shores of Ireland and Scotland.
Only 67 ships of the Spanish Armada survived. Of the 30,000 troops less than 10,000 returned home. Most were lost during battle but approximately 5,000 died from drowning, starvation or were killed by English in Ireland.
Even after returning to Spain many members of the Spanish fleet were so sick they did not survive.
Following the Spanish Armada's attempt to conquer England, England attempted to counter and attack Spain but they were unsuccessful. Spain remained as the strong power in Europe for many more years due to financial means and a strong navy.
The Spanish Armada's failure did not stop the Spanish from trying it again. Another fleet was sent in 1596 and it too failed because of severe storms. In 1597 another fleet was sent, but it too failed because of the weather.
In 1604 the Treaty of London was signed and England was forced to stop supporting the Dutch rebellion against the Spanish in Spanish Netherlands and the Spanish had to give up their quest to make England Catholic.

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