Hannibal Facts

Hannibal Facts
Hannibal Barca was the Carthaginian army general of the 2nd and 3rd century BC who became famous for leading a team of elephants over the Alps to terrorize Roman forces during the Second Punic War. Hannibal Barca was the son of Hamilcar Barca who led the Carthaginian army during the First Punic War. As a young child Hannibal was sworn to be an enemy of Rome. When he was 26 Hannibal became leader of an army and tried to gain total control of Iberia. His efforts eventually started the Second Punic War. He failed to capture Rome and they were forced to negotiate peace. Hannibal spent the rest of his life in politics until he gave up and swallowed poison, killing himself at the approximate age of 64 to 66.
Interesting Hannibal Facts:
Hannibal Barca was born in 247 BC in Carthage (today it is Tunisia).
Hannibal's last name Barca means thunderbolt.
When Hannibal was only 10 his father Hamiclar took him to Spain and made him swear his hostility toward Rome.
Hannibal Barca was given control of an army at the age of 26, and he made Cartagena in Spain his headquarters.
In 218 BC Hannibal marched his troops across Europe and over the Alps towards Rome.
His army consisted of more than 100,000 troops and almost 40 war elephants.
On the journey to Rome Hannibal's army met with attacks by various indigenous tribes. The tribes rolled heavy stones upon them and across their path.
When Hannibal exited the Alps he only had one elephant and approximately 26,000 troops left.
During the Second Punic War Hannibal's army battled the Roman forces in an attempt to gain control of Italian land.
Hannibal had success at the battles of Trebbia, Cannae, and Trasimene.
Hannibal came within three miles of Rome, the capital of the Roman Empire.
By the time Hannibal reached the outskirts of Rome his forces were not sufficient to attack and conquer.
Rome did not have the forces to defeat Hannibal's army.
The stalemate resulted in Hannibal retreating to defend his country against the Roman army.
The Romans used trumpets to scare the elephants of the Carthaginian army at the Battle of Zama. The scared elephants stampeded and killed many of the Carthaginian troops.
The Romans and Carthaginians peace agreement was hard on the Carthaginians. Their military was greatly reduced.
Hannibal spent the next 10 years involved heavily in politics in Carthage.
Because of Hannibal's involvement in politics the Romans grew concerned, especially because he was gaining popularity.
In 195 BC the Romans demanded that Hannibal retire.
Instead Hannibal moved to Turkey. He became a military advisor to the Turkish.
Hannibal was given control of a Greek fleet in 190 BC and he went to war against a Roman ally.
Hannibal's army was defeated. Hannibal fled when the Roman's demanded that he be turned over to them.
Hannibal refused to be captured and in 183 BC, near the Bosporus Straits at Libyssa, he committed suicide.
Hannibal swallowed a vial of poison to end his life.

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