Wind Energy Facts

Wind Energy Facts
Wind energy is an energy source that comes from the wind. This wind is converted into wind power and used as a source of electricity. The process of wind energy conversion is completed by wind turbines, wind pumps, and wind mills. Wind power is a good source of electricity because it is a renewable source and is constantly replenishing itself.
Interesting Wind Energy Facts:
Wind mills date all the way back to the year 2000 BC where they were used in China.
One wind turbine could power up to 500 homes.
The production of wind energy does not produce pollution.
European countries tend to utilize wind energy more than other countries because of their favorable climate conditions.
Unlike other forms of energy, wind energy requires virtually no water during production.
Wind energy is not used more often because it is expensive to produce.
The best places to utilize wind energy are prairies because they receive constant wind.
Albert Betz is a German physicist who discovered the theory of wind energy in 1919.
Wind turbines create electricity while wind mills produce mechanical energy.
Wind turbines have the ability to be located off shore and send energy back to land.
Wind turbines can be as tall as 200 meters and have blades that can move at a speed of up to 200 mph.
Some countries utilize wind turbines to supply up to 20% of their electricity needs.
Wind farms are large groups of wind turbines.
Germany leads all countries in the amount wind energy that is produced per year.
The production of wind energy produces more jobs than any other form of energy production.

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