Israel Facts

Israel Facts
Israel is a Middle Eastern country located at the southeast shore of the Mediterranean Sea, the north shore of the Gulf of the Aqaba, bordered by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and the Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Israel is a small country with only 7,849 square miles of land area. While Israel claimed Jerusalem to be its capital city in 1950, most other countries around the world recognize Tel Aviv as its capital city. Israel is the only country in the Middle East run by a parliamentary democracy. Israel is considered to be a holy land and is the only country in the world with a majority of Jewish citizens.
Interesting Israel Facts:
Israel has the highest standard of living of all Middle Eastern countries.
Israel has the fourth highest standard of living in all of Asia.
Israel has one of the highest life expectancies for its residents out of all countries in the world.
The population of Israel was estimated at 8,462,000 in 2015.
Israel declared its independence in 1948 and was recognized as an independent state in 1949. Its official name is the State of Israel.
Israel citizens are well educated and most have a degree in one field or another.
Since declaring its independence in 1948, Israel has been in conflict because of Jewish and Arab struggles. There have been civil wars and peace treaties, but the peace treaties do not hold for very long before violence erupts again.
The climate in Israel varies depending on location and season. It can range from a Mediterranean climate in some regions to windy and cold in others.
Israel has 100 diplomatic missions located around the world.
Israel has established diplomatic relationships with 157 countries around the world, but generally not with Muslim countries such as Bangladesh or United Arab Emirates.
Israel's Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. It contains so much salt that it is very easy to float and almost impossible to dive in the Dead Sea.
Israel has the third highest percentage of entrepreneurs of all countries in the world.
The bank notes in Israel have braille on them, enabling the blind to identify their money properly.
In 1969 Israel elected a female Prime Minister named Golda Meir. She was only the third female to be elected as a country's leader in the entire world.
Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world.
Israel has the highest number of college degrees per capita in the world.
Israel has the highest number of start-up companies per capita in the world.
The cell phone was developed in Israel, as well as the first anti-virus software.
Israel includes both Arabic and Hebrew as its two official languages.
The oldest continuously used cemetery in the world is located in Jerusalem - Mount of Olives.
The glue used on stamps in Israel is kosher.
Many bus stops in Israel have a box to make donations to charity.
There are kosher McDonald's restaurants in Israel.
Einstein was once offered the position of President in Israel but he declined the offer.

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