Argentina Facts

Argentina Facts
Argentina's official name is the Argentine Republic. It is located in South America and covers most of South America's Southern Cone. To Argentina's north it borders Paraguay and Bolivia, and to its northeast it borders Brazil; to its east it borders Uruguay and the Atlantic Ocean; to its west it borders Chile. Argentina is the world's eighth largest country and Latin America's second largest country next to Brazil. Prior to European settlement the region had been inhabited since the Paleolithic period by indigenous people from a variety of different cultures. In the 1500s it was discovered by Spanish explorers and until 1816, when Argentina declared its independence, the region was under Spanish rule.
Interesting Argentina Facts:
Argentina covers an area of 1,068,296 square miles.
The population of Argentina in 2012 was more than 42 million people.
Argentina's capital city is Buenos Aires, with a population of almost 13 million people.
Major cities in Argentina include Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza, San Miguel de Tucuman.
Argentina is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.
Argentina has claims to part of Antarctica, the South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands.
Argentina declared its independence from Spain on July 9th, 1816 and adopted its current constitution on May 1st, 1853.
Argentina claims to have invented the dance the tango.
On July 20th each year Buenos Aires celebrates Friend's Day.
The remains of many gigantic dinosaurs have been found in the last 10 years. The Giganotosaurus, believed to have lived 90 to 112 years ago, was found in Argentina. It looked similar to the T. rex but it was much larger. It also had three fingers instead of two.
The first time in history that fingerprints were used to convict a person of a crime was in 1892 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Approximately one out of every thirty people in Argentina has plastic surgery to enhance their appearance. Many tourists also choose Argentina for plastic surgery procedures as well because it is cheaper there.
Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world are found in Argentina. One of these is the Iguazu Falls which include 275 cascades, and is considered by many to be the most beautiful falls in the world.
Major agriculture in Argentina includes sunflower seeds, lemons, soybeans, wheat, tea, peanuts, tobacco, corn and grapes.
Argentina's natural resources include lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron ore, uranium, petroleum and manganese.
Major industry in Argentina includes food processing, vehicle manufacturing, textiles, steel, printing, and chemical manufacturing.
The monetary unite in Argentina is the peso.
The very first animated movie was created by Quirino Cristiani in 1917 in Argentina. Many people believe that Walt Disney made the first animated movie but that is not true.
The city of Ushuaia in Argentina is the most southern city in the world.
There are approximately 13.5 million people in Argentina using the internet.
Approximately 92% of Argentina's residents live in cities.
One of the five best opera and classical concert venues of the world is located in Argentina. It is called Teatro Colon.

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