Battle of the Wilderness Facts

Battle of the Wilderness Facts
The Battle of the Wilderness took place in Virginia from May 5 - May 7, 1864. It was part of Ulysses S. Grant's plan to destroy Robert E. Lee's army and take advantage of the fact that the Confederates had few soldiers and supplies. There was no clear winner in this battle.
Interesting Battle of the Wilderness Facts:
The battle took place from May 5 to May 7 in 1864.
It was the first in Ulysses S. Grant's Overland Campaign, a series of battles waged in Virginia.
The battle occurred in Spotsylvania and Orange Counties in Virginia.
Ulysses S. Grant and George G. Meade led the Union and the Confederates were under the command of Robert E. Lee.
Grant had just been given command of the entire Union military in March. His goal was to destroy Lee's army, making victory in individual battles less important than depleting his troops and supplies.
The Union was better equipped to replace both troops and supplies than the Confederates.
There was no clear winner in the battle.
The battle began when Grant tried to move his men through a thick area of brush known as the Wilderness.
Lee's troops were there to stop Grant's troops from making it through the Wilderness.
On May 5th, the Union launched an attack on the Orange Turnpike.
The same day as the assault on the Orange Turnpike, another attack was made on Orange Plank Road.
None of these attacks resulted in a conclusive victory. Fighting in the dark woods was very difficult.
On May 6th, the Union launched an attack on Plank Road, but the Confederates held them off.
Lieutenant General James Longstreet had ordered a surprise attack on the Union, but that plan was foiled when Longstreet was wounded by friendly fire.
On May 7, Grant's men disengaged from the fighting and moved southeast. The next battle would occur at Spotsylvania Court House the next day.

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