Battle of Spotsylvania Court House Facts

Battle of Spotsylvania Court House Facts
The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House occurred in Virginia in 1864. Fighting took place on and off for two weeks with no clear winner. However, Robert E. Lee lost almost a quarter of his troops, yet another devastating blow to the South's rapidly deteriorating chance of winning the war.
Interesting Battle of Spotsylvania Court House Facts:
The battle occurred from May 8 to May 21, 1864.
It took place in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.
There was no clear winner in the battle.
Ulysses S. Grant and George G. Meade led the Union and the Confederates were under the command of Robert E. Lee.
The Union troops outnumbered the Confederate troops 100,000 to 50,000.
There were a combined 32,000 casualties on both sides.
This battle took place after the Battle of the Wilderness, which was also inconclusive.
After the Battle of the Wilderness, Grant's troops tried to lure Lee's troops to Spotsylvania Court House, which he believed was a better location to the southeast.
Some of Lee's men beat Grant's men to Spotsylvania Court House.
The battle went back and forth for over two weeks, with Grant's men unable to break through the Confederate line.
Fighting at Bloody Angle on May 12 and May 13 continued for 20 hours in a row, likely the longest sustained period of fighting in the war.
After having no success in Spotsylvania, Grant decided to give up on that location and the battle came to an end.
Even though the Union did not win, the high number of casualties took a tremendous toll on the Confederate army. Lee lost 23 percent of his troops.
Five generals were killed in the battle, three from the Union and two from the Confederacy
After the battle, Grant continued his offensive and moved on toward Richmond, Virginia.

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