Coral Reef Biome Facts

Coral Reef Biome Facts
The coral reef biome is located within the ocean but is separate from the ocean biome. It is located in a shallow, clear portion of the ocean in mostly tropical areas. These areas include the coasts of East Africa, South India, Australia, Florida, the Caribbean, and Brazil.
Interesting Coral Reef Biome Facts:
The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef biome and is located in Australia. It can actually be seen from outer space.
The diversity of the species living within different coral reefs depends on the reefs' latitude and the direction of the water.
Coral reef biomes must exist in shallow water because they must remain between 70 to 85° F. Shallow water is easier to keep warm by the Sun than deeper water.
The three types of coral reefs are fringing reefs, barrier reefs, and coral atolls.
Although many types of animals live within the coral beef biome, it has much more diversity in its plant life.
Coral reef biomes are naturally colorful because of the algae. If the coral reef appears white, this means there is a pollution problem.
Coral reefs are made of polyps which are tiny organisms that look like rocks. As they develop and grow, so does the reef.
Fringing reefs can be found along the coastline.
The Great Barrier Reef covers more than 1,200 miles and contains 400 species of coral.
Coral reefs are a big tourist attraction. During the spawning season, people like to dive directly into the reef.
Coral reefs take a very long time to grow. They grow at a rate up to 2 cm per year.
Barrier reefs are found near lagoons and develop a barrier between the reef and the lagoon.
Corals grow in different shapes depending on their species. Some resemble trees, brains, and also honeycombs to name a few.
Coral reefs only grow about 150 deep into the ocean. Any deeper and the Sun will not be able to provide it with enough heat.
Coral atolls are made from volcanic remains.

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