Thomas Jefferson Facts

Thomas Jefferson Facts
Thomas Jefferson was a Founding Father of the United States, as well as the 3rd U.S. President. He was born April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, in the County of Virginia to Jane Randolph and Peter Jefferson. Thomas was entered into English school at the age of 5, and at the age of 9 he began attending a local school and studying the natural world. Thomas also became friends with American Indians during this time. At 16 Thomas entered the College of William & Mary in Virginia, where he studied Math, philosophy and metaphysics. He graduated in 1762 and then studied law. He was admitted to the Virginia Bar in 1767 and also served as delegate in the Virginia House of Burgesses for Albermarle County from 1769 to 1775.
Interesting Thomas Jefferson Facts:
It has often been said that Thomas Jefferson was addicted to learning. He learned to speak four languages and to read an additional two.
Thomas Jefferson was a member of the Committee of Five and the Second Continental Congress. The group included Jefferson and Roger Sherman, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Robert Linvingston.
Thomas Jefferson was tasked with writing the Declaration of Independence in 1776, which declared the 13 colonies to be free of rule by the King.
Thomas Jefferson was considered a sort of Renaissance Man due to the fact that he was an author, educator, architect, philosopher, lawyer, and inventor, in addition to being the 3rd United States President.
Thomas Jefferson was a science buff who kept drawings of plants and animals in the state of Virginia.
Thomas Jefferson was an archaeologist and had the bones to a 40 million year old mastodon. He would often lay them out - it was similar to an elephant.
Thomas Jefferson loved books so much that he had a collection of 6,487 in his personal library alone. When the Library of Congress burned down in 1814 by British troops, he offered his own collection as a replacement.
Thomas Jefferson is believed to have written 19,000 letters in his lifetime, with copies as he used a polygraph machine.
Thomas Jefferson developed a taste for French cuisine when he visited France. He then offered to free his slave James Hemings if he learned how to cook it.
Thomas Jefferson was the designer/architect of his Monticello home, which took 40 years to complete with four floors and 33 rooms. Most rooms were an octagonal shape.
Thomas Jefferson liked to keep mockingbirds as pets.
Thomas Jefferson was responsible for the University of Virginia, including its design.
Thomas Jefferson was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase which more than doubled the size of the United States.
Thomas Jefferson was married to his wife Martha Wayles for only 10 years as she died at 33 from unknown causes.
Thomas Jefferson was involved with a slave named Sally Hemings, who is believed to have given birth to his children (as many as 6).
Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on the same day, five hours apart.
Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1826, on the 5th anniversary of the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

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