Sybil Ludington Facts

Sybil Ludington Facts
Sybil Ludington was the daughter of Colonel Henry Ludington, who became famous for her actions during the American Revolutionary War for riding at night, at the age of only 16, to warn the militia of the approaching British forces. Her ride, which was twice as long as Paul Revere's, was not publicized for more than 100 years after she bravely made the journey. Although there is no absolute proof that it took place, legend suggests that the story is too grand to be made up. Sybil Ludington was born on April 5th, 1761, to Abigail Knowles Ludington, and Henry Ludington. She was the oldest of 12 children, born in Fredericksburg, New York (now Ludingtonville).
Interesting Sybil Ludington Facts:
Sybil Ludington's father Henry Ludington was a volunteer in the militia who went on to become an aide to General George Washington. He was also a community leader.
Sybil's father learned, on April 26, 1777, when Sybil was only 16, that the British were attacking Danbury. In order to gather as many troops as possible, Sybil offered to make the night ride across the countryside to alert the militia that they needed additional forces.
Sybil rode through Kent, Mahopac, and Stormville, through Putnam and Dutchess Counties, in the rain, for a total of 40 miles to gather additional troops.
At one point during the night ride Sybil encountered a man who offered to ride with her, but she sent him elsewhere to warn the residents of Brewster.
Along Sybil's journey she used a stick to fight off anyone who tried to attack her.
When Sybil returned home there were approximately 400 troops that had gathered to fight against the British.
Though unsuccessful against the British at Danbury, the militia was able to cause them to retreat at the Battle of Ridgefield.
The town of Fredericksburg was renamed Ludingtonville in honor of Sybil Ludington and her heroic act.
Sybil's name is found on historic documents as Sibbell, Sebal, Sibel, and Cybil.
When Sybil Ludington was 23 she married Edmond Ogden. They had only one child, a son named Henry.
In 1799 Edmond Ogden died, and became an innkeeper.
In 1811 Sybil Ludington moved with her son Henry, a lawyer, and his family, to Unadilla in Central New York.
Sybil Ludington became known as a female Paul Revere. There is no evidence to show that she was recognized during her lifetime for the now famous 40 mile night ride during the Revolutionary War.
Sybil Ludington's famous night ride is mentioned in the book Colonel Henry Ludington: A Memoir, written by Willis Fletcher Johnson in 1907.
Sybil Ludington lived to the age of 77, dying on February 26th, 1839.
Sybil Ludington is buried in Patterson, New York. She is in the same cemetery as her father Henry Ludington. Her gravestone is labeled 'Sibbell'.
In 1975 Sybil Ludington was honored with a U.S. Postal stamp. She was the 35th woman to be honored in such a way.
An opera, dramas, and even a marathon have been named in honor of Sybil Ludington.

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