Sons of Liberty Facts

Sons of Liberty Facts
The Sons of Liberty was a secret organization created in 1765 in the Thirteen Colonies within hours of the Stamp Act being created. The organization was a formal underground group that included members such as Samuel Adams, Benedict Arnold, John Hancock and others. The motto of the Sons of Liberty was "No taxation without representation."
Interesting Sons of Liberty Facts:
Sons of Liberty formed to fight the British government's attempt to tax colonists in order to pay for their 10,000 officers living in the colonies.
Colonists refused to pay certain taxes and when the Stamp Act passed they formed Sons of Liberty to retaliate.
The group was officially founded in Boston, Massachusetts in August 1765.
A committee was formed in New York by November to keep in contact with the colonies.
Sons of Liberty included locations in Boston, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Newport, and New York City.
The Sons of Liberty used the practice of tar and feathering to punish or humiliate government officials.
The Sons of Liberty adopted their own flag in 1767. It had nine vertical (four white and five red) stripes. It was referred to as the rebellious stripes flag.
The Sons of Liberty were responsible for the Boston Tea Party, which was in protest of the Townsend Revenue Act that taxed tea, paint, and lead that had been repealed to allow the British to sell tea in the colonies. The Sons of Liberty threw 90,000 pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor.

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