Samuel de Champlain Facts

Samuel de Champlain Facts
Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer, soldier, and diplomat that became known as 'The Father of New France' when he founded Quebec City and New France on July 3, 1608. He was born Samuel Champlain on approximately August 13, 1574, in the French Province of Aunis, to Antoine Champlain and Marguerite Le Roy. It is not known which city he was born in but many believe it was Brouage. His family consisted of mariners and this allowed Samuel to learn how to draw and make nautical charts and also how to navigate. He also learned how to fight with the firearms available at the time in order to be able to protect himself while at sea. He served under Henry IV in the religious wars in Brittany.
Interesting Samuel de Champlain Facts:
Samuel de Champlain's first major sea voyage took place in 1598, aboard the Saint-Julien with his uncle. They sailed to Cadiz with a hip full of troops. They then accompanied a Spanish fleet of ships to the West Indies. Samuel created an illustrated report of the voyage and gave it to the king.
The king gave Samuel de Champlain a pension for having created the illustrated report of the voyage.
Samuel de Champlain served as a court geographer for King Henry from 1601 to 1603. He traveled to various ports in France and learned a lot of information from fisherman about North America.
In 1603 Samuel de Champlain landed in North America for the first time. He had traveled as an observer aboard a ship of fur-traders on an expedition led by Du Pont. Samuel and Du Pont became good friends on the trip.
Samuel de Champlain began making several trips to North America and explored the region now known as the Great Lakes. He was the first to write about the lakes and the area, as well as other important places in North America.
Samuel de Champlain landed at what is now Quebec City in 1608, and created a fort consisting of three wooden buildings. These buildings are now in the area known as Old Quebec.
Samuel de Champlain became friends with natives and they helped him map Lake Champlain.
When King Henry was assassinated in 1610 his wife took over. She had no interest in Samuel de Champlain's work and Samuel married a courtier's daughter in order to continue having access to the court. His wife was only 12. He was 31 years older. When he died she became a nun.
King Louis XIII named Samuel de Champlain as the administrator of New France after 1620. This is how he became known as the 'Father of New France'. Samuel's exploration days came to a halt as a result of the position.
Samuel de Champlain was the de facto Governor of New France until 1635, when he died.
Samuel de Champlain was the first to make a map of the coast of North America and many places have been named after him as a result - including Champlain Bridge, Lake Champlain, and Champlain Valley.

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