S. E. Hinton Facts

S. E. Hinton Facts
S. E. Hinton is an American novelist who became famous for her novel The Outsiders which she began writing when she was in high school. She was born Susan Eloise Hinton on July 22, 1948, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Susan began writing when she was still a child, and began writing the first of her published novels in 1965. She wrote with a desire to show empathy for the Greasers in her first novel The Outsiders, which was published in 1967 by Viking Press. She was a freshman at the University of Tulsa when it was published.
Interesting S. E. Hinton Facts:
The publisher of The Outsiders suggested that Susan use her initials instead of her full name so that male readers would not be put off by the fact that the author was a woman.
Susan continued to use her initials instead of her full name after the success of her first book to keep her private life private.
She is a private person and has kept much of her life out of the public eye.
Susan married David Inhofe in 1970 and they had a baby boy named Nicolas Inhofe in 1983.
Nicolas Inhofe worked on the movie Ice Age: The Meltdown, as a sound effects recordist.
There have been film adaptations of Susan's works including The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Tex, and That Was Then...This is Now.
Susan has appeared in cameos in some of her films.
S. E. Hinton was awarded the Margaret A Edwards Awards in 1988 for her YA novels.

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