Queen Elizabeth Facts

Queen Elizabeth Facts
Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of the United Kingdom, reigning since February 6th, 1952. She was born Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary on April 21st, 1926, in London, England, to her father Prince Albert, Duke of York, and her mother Elizabeth, Duchess of York. She was never expected to become Queen of England, but in 1936 her grandfather George V died and Elizabeth's uncle chose to be with his love interest instead of being King Edward VIII. This meant that Elizabeth's father became King George VI, and her eventual role as Queen became likely. In 1952 King George VI died and Elizabeth became Queen.
Interesting Queen Elizabeth Facts:
When Queen Elizabeth was only 14 she made several famous radio broadcasts to reassure British children during World War II that they would be okay.
In 1942 Elizabeth began to accompany her parents on official visits.
In 1945 Queen Elizabeth joined the war effort and trained as a driver and mechanic.
Elizabeth met her future husband Prince Andrew of Greece when she was 13, and eventually fell in love and married in 1947, despite her father's concern about Prince Andrew's lack of wealth and his outspoken personality (Elizabeth was reserved).
Elizabeth and Andrew had a son Charles and daughter Anne in the first few years of marriage. They later had two more sons, Andrew and Edward.
In 1952 King George VI, Elizabeth's father, died. Elizabeth was crowned on June 2nd, 1953 at Westminster Abbey.
Queen Elizabeth is not in a position to reveal her political views or comment on political matters as she is a constitutional monarch.
Queen Elizabeth has maintained working relationships with many of the Prime Ministers of her country, including Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, and Tony Blair.
In 1969 Queen Elizabeth named Prince Charles as the heir to the throne by giving him the Prince of Wales title.
In 1979, following threats against the Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth's husband's uncle died in a terrorist bombing. Further scares have occurred over the years but none have resulted in harm.
Queen Elizabeth has embarked on more than 256 official visits to foreign countries during her reign.
Many 'live' gifts have been given to Queen Elizabeth during her reign including sloths, beavers, and jaguars, which are located at the London Zoo.
It is estimated the Queen Elizabeth has sent out more than 37,500 Christmas cards during her reign.
In 2012 Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, a celebration that marked 60 years as Queen of England.
Queen Elizabeth does not give interviews very often.
Queen Elizabeth is a patron to many charities and organizations - estimated at more than 600 in total.
Queen Elizabeth has a fondness for horses and for dogs.
Queen Elizabeth does not own the Royal Collection, which includes art and important historical items. These items are held in trust. Her personal wealth is estimated at £340 million.
Queen Elizabeth does not own Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace but she does own Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House.
When one is talking to Queen Elizabeth they are supposed to refer to her as Your Majesty, and later as Ma'am.

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