Matthew McConaughey Facts

Matthew McConaughey Facts
Matthew McConaughey is an American actor, who initially became famous for his role in the comedy Dazed in Confused in 1993. He was born Matthew David McConaughey on November 4th, 1969, in Uvalde, Texas, to Mary Kathleen and James Donald McConaughey. His mother was a kindergarten teacher and author and his father ran an oil pipeline company. Over the years his parents married each other three times and divorced each other twice. Matthew earned a bachelor's degree in 1993 in Radio-Television-Film. In 1996 he landed the role of a lawyer in the movie A Time to Kill which proved to be his breakout role.
Interesting Matthew McConaughey Facts:
Matthew's father was drafted to the Green Bay Packers but did not play a season. He died of a heart attack in 1992.
Matthew McConaughey was named most handsome student at his high school.
Matthew spent a year in Australia prior to attending university for his bachelor's.
Matthew debated studying law but decided against becoming a lawyer.
Matthew McConaughey's first paid acting job was in a commercial for beer.
In 1993 Matthew McConaughey starred in Dazed and Confused along with Milla Jovovich and Ben Affleck.
Matthew McConaughey was considered for the movie Titanic to play Jack Dawson but Leonardo DiCaprio got the role instead.
While filming Sahara in 2005 Matthew McConaughey began dating his costar in the movie Penelope Cruz.
When Matthew McConaughey's now wife, Camila Alves, was in labor with their child Levi, he played Brazilian music for 8 hours straight. Together they now have two boys and a girl. Camilla is a Brazilian model and tv performer.
After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans Matthew McConaughey auctioned off his 1971 Corvette Stingray and donated the money to Oprah's Angel Network Hurricane Katrina and Rita funds.
Matthew McConaughey's production company is called JKL Productions which stands for Just Keep Livin'.
In 2012 Matthew McConauughey starred in Magic Mike with Channing Tatum. The movie was based on Channing Tatum's earlier life.
Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar for his role as an AIDS patient in the film Dallas Buyers Club.
The 2013 movie Dallas Buyers Club took 20 years to get made. Matthew had to lose 30 pounds to play his role and the movie was filmed in only 25 days.
In 2014 Matthew McConaughey was named by Time Magazine as one of the Most Influential People in the World.
Matthew McConaughey starred in commercials for Lincoln after starring in the movie The Lincoln Lawyer. Sales for the cars increased by 25% in the following month.
Some of Matthew McConaughey's most famous roles have been in films such as Dazed and Confused, A Time to Kill, Contact, U-571, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Fool's Gold, Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past, The Lincoln Lawyer, Magic Mike, Dallas Buyer's Club, Free State of Jones, and many more.
Matthew McConaughey has appeared in television shows such as Saturday Night Live, True Detective, Eastbound & Down, and Sex and the City.
Matthew has appeared in music videos for John Mellencamp, Trisha Yearwood, and Butch Walker.

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