Mark Zuckerberg Facts

Mark Zuckerberg Facts
Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder of Facebook and chairman and CEO of the company. He was born Mark Elliot Zuckerberg on March 14th, 1984, in White Plains, New York, to Karen (nee Kempner) and Edward Zuckerberg. His mother is a psychiatrist and his father is a dentist. He was raised in Dobbs Ferry, New York, and attended New Hampshire's Phillips Exeter Academy where he excelled. He began writing software when he was still in middle school. He founded Facebook while attending Harvard, from his dorm room. He left in his sophomore year to concentrate on Facebook and is now a billionaire.
Interesting Mark Zuckerberg Facts:
Mark Zuckerberg has three sisters, Arielle, Donna, and Randi.
Mark's father taught him about BASIC programming for Atari in the 1990s.
David Newman, a software developer, was hired to tutor Mark Zuckerberg when he was younger.
Mark created a program called ZuckNET when he was at home that allowed all the computers in his parent's home and home office to communicate.
While still in high school Mark Zuckerberg was offered jobs with Microsoft and AOL but he turned them down.
The movie The Social Network was made about the birth of Facebook.
Facebook began as something for Harvard but it soon expanded to Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Penn, New York U, Stanford, Brown, and even Yale.
By July of 2010 Facebook had reached the 500 million user mark and Mark Zuckerberg was chosen by New Statesman's annual survey as number 16 of the 50 most influential figures.
Steve Jobs advised Mark Zuckerberg to create a management team that was 'focused on building as high quality and good things as you are".
In 2013 Mark Zuckerberg's own Facebook profile was hacked.
As CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg only takes a $1 salary.
Mark Zuckerberg, as part of the Giving Pledge commitment, has promised that he will donate 50% of his wealth or more during his lifetime.
Mark Zuckerberg began dating his future wife Priscilla Chan in 2003. They married in 2012, and at the same time celebrated her graduation from medical school.
Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg welcome the birth of their baby girl Maxima Chan Zuckerberg in 2015. They had suffered three miscarriages and had delayed making the pregnancy announcement. In March 2017 they announced that they are pregnant with their second daughter.
Mark Zuckerberg was not a fan of the movie The Social Network and claimed that many unimportant details were correct while many important details were incorrect.
Mark Zuckerberg has donated a lot of money to charities and philanthropic causes including $100 million to Newark Public Schools.
Mark Zuckerberg made the Fortune 500 list for the first time in May 2013. He was only 28 and the youngest CEO.
Mark Zuckerberg's company Facebook has experienced its share of legal issues, including lawsuits and criminal investigations over content and ownership.
Mark Zuckerberg voiced himself on The Simpson's episode 'Loan a Lisa'.
Mark Zuckerberg was raised Jewish but considered himself an atheist for a while. He has since regained his faith in religion.

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