Laura Bush Facts

Laura Bush Facts
Laura Bush is known for being the First Lady of the forty-third President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, from 20001 to 2009. Similar to other First Ladies since the 1970s, Bush was active in a number of causes during her husband's presidency, including: literacy, breast cancer awareness, and women's rights in the developing world. Despite the polarizing opinions about her husband's presidency, Laura Bush is among the most popular First Ladies in history, largely due to her smile, calm demeanor, and generally friendly attitude. Laura was born Laura Lane Welch on November 4, 1946 in Midland, Texas to Harold and Jenna Welch. She grew up in an upper-middle class family where literacy and learning were encouraged. Laura went to and graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1968 with a BS in education and went on to teach for a number of years before meeting George in 1977. The couple married that same year and later had fraternal twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara. After marrying George, Laura quickly became a major part of the Bush Dynasty, helping her husband win the Texas' governor's election in 1994 and the U.S. presidency election in 2000.
Interesting Laura Bush Facts:
In addition to her BS in education, Laura earned a MLS in library science from the University of Texas, Austin.
Laura was raised as a Methodist.
Due to her likable image, and what a contrast she was to outgoing First Lady Hillary Clinton, Bush's campaign advisors tried to work Laura into as many events as possible during the 2000 presidential campaign. She delivered the keynote speech at the Republican Presidential Convention.
Laura killed a classmate in a 1963 traffic accident. Although she clearly ran a stop sign and admittedly was at fault, she was never charged with a crime in the case.
Before becoming the First Lady of Texas, Laura Bush worked as a grade school teacher and librarian.
Laura Bush became an advocate in the fight against breast cancer after her mother was diagnosed with the disease.
She developed a close connection with the women of Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks. She claimed that Americans were truly concerned with the plight of women in that country after 9-11 and that most wanted to do something about it.
Not only is Laura Bush's favorability always high in nearly every poll at around 80%, her unfavorability was never much above 10%.
During her husband's second term, Laura traveled throughout Africa to raise awareness for AIDS and malaria prevention programs.
After George's second term was over, he and Laura moved back to Texas. They reside in an upscale neighborhood of Dallas.
Laura Bush keeps a relatively low-profile, although she does at times speak at charity fundraisers.
She campaigned for her brother-in-law Jeb Bush in 2015 in his bid for the presidency, but when he routinely came in last in the polls he dropped out of the race. Laura didn't support another Republican candidate and didn't vote for President Trump in the 2016 election.

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