Jon Stewart Facts

Jon Stewart Facts
Jon Stewart is an American comedian, actor, and TV host who became famous for his satirical news program titled The Daily Show. He was born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz on November 28th, 1962, in New York City, to Donald Leibowitz and Marian (nee Laskin). His father is a physics professor and his mother is an educational consultant. Jon began using his middle name instead of Leibowitz due to his estranged relationship with his father which began when his parents divorced when he was 11 years old. Jon majored in chemistry in college before switching to study psychology. He began to try comedy in 1986 in New York City, and became a regular at Comedy Cellar but his career did not take off until he appeared on Late Night with David Letterman in 1993.
Interesting Jon Stewart Facts:
Jon Stewart's talk show The Jon Stewart Show, which aired on MTV was the first MTV talk show to be an instant success. It ranked second on MTV to Beavis and Butt-head.
Jon Stewart began his career in 1987 on the set of The Bitter End, where many other famous comedians have also started including Bill Cosby and Woody Allen.
Jon Stewart's lineage can be traced to Austria, Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland. His grandfather lived in Inner Mongolia and was raised in China.
Jon Stewart appeared on a TV show in 1971 when he was 9 years old. He appeared on Captain Noah and His Magical Ark with his school band. He played the trumpet that day.
Stephen Colbert has said that he didn't enjoy political satire until he worked with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Colbert has now taken over the show David Letterman hosted where Jon Stewart appeared and where his career took off.
Jon Stewart was offered the show that is now known as Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Daily Show may never have been if Jon Stewart had taken that role.
Jon Stewart once worked as a writer for the TV show called The Sweet Life. It appeared on HBOs Comedy Channel.
Jon Stewart met his wife Tracey on a blind date. They had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and have been married since 2000. They have two children.
Jon Stewart proposed to his wife Tracey through a crossword puzzle that his friend and crossword editor helped him create.
Jon Stewart has won 22 Emmy Awards and been nominated 47 times to date. He has also won 5 Peabody Awards, and 7 Producers Guild of America awards.
Although Jon Stewart left as host of The Daily Show in 2015 he has remained as a writer and executive producer for the new host Trevor Noah.
Jon Stewart appeared in the movie The First Wives Club as a lover of Goldie Hawn's character in the movie. His part was cut in editing.
Jon Stewart's production company is called Busboy Productions, after his job as a busboy in a Mexican restaurant. His company is responsible for several hit shows including The Colbert Report, and Important Things with Demetri Martin.

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