Johnny Appleseed Facts

Johnny Appleseed Facts
Johnny Appleseed was an American nurseryman pioneer best known for introducing apple trees to many states in the U.S. He was born John Chapman on September 26, 1774, in Leominster, Massachusetts, to Elizabeth and Nathaniel Chapman. His mother died giving birth to his brother a few years later. When he was 18, Johnny left home with his younger brother to go west. In 1805 Johnny's father bought land in Ohio but Johnny chose to keep moving. Soon afterwards Johnny chose to work as an apprentice to an orchardist and began to learn about apples.
Interesting Johnny Appleseed Facts:
Some folk tales say that Johnny Appleseed planted seeds randomly wherever he went but that was not how it happened. He planted nurseries.
Johnny Appleseed claimed land on the wild frontier and planted apple orchards. He did this as an investment, returning every few years to care for the trees and eventually selling the orchards as people settled into the area.
Johnny Appleseed planted apples that were meant for distilleries, not for eating. These apples were used to make an apple brandy or hard cider. These were common alcoholic beverages at the time.
Johnny Appleseed collected apple seeds from cider mills, marking the date and location where he gathered them. He then carried them around in a leather satchel. When he planted the seeds his record keeping allowed him to make notes about which trees grew well, and which ones sprouted quickly.
At some point Johnny Appleseed became a vegetarian - he didn't want to hurt living things in order to eat.
Johnny Appleseed's orchard planting made him a wealthy man but he did not flaunt his wealth. Legend states that he wore potato sacks but that was not true. He often wore short pants and did not wear shoes.
Johnny Appleseed was a missionary of a church that believed that God and nature were intertwined. He often tried to spread these ideas wherever he planted his trees.
Many images of Johnny Appleseed include him with a tin pot on his head. He liked a tin hat but did not wear a pot. He also was known to eat out of his tin hat.
Johnny Appleseed also took seeds with him for medicinal plants and would give them to Native Americans. He had a good relationship with most Native Americans that he met.
Johnny Appleseed died on March 18, 1845, at the age of 70, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
The legend of Johnny Appleseed's travels didn't become very popular until a year after he died.
After Johnny Appleseed died there were stories published about him, and festivals held in his honor all over the United States.
Johnny Appleseed's estate included more than 1,200 acres of apple nurseries. This went to his sister as he never married. Much of his land was lost following his death due to taxes and litigation.
There is a memorial to Johnny Appleseed in Swinney Park in Fort Wayne.
A stamp was made by the U.S. Postal service in 1966 in honor of Johnny Appleseed.

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