John D Rockefeller Childhood Facts

John D Rockefeller Childhood Facts
John D Rockefeller was an American industrialist, philanthropist, and businessman who is known as one of the richest people in modern history. He was born John Davison Rockefeller on July 8, 1839, in Richford, New York, to William Avery Rockefeller and Eliza Davison. His father was a con-artist. John had an older sister and four younger brothers and sisters. As a child John did chores and earned extra money by selling candy and potatoes and raising turkeys.
Interesting John D Rockefeller Childhood Facts:
John's family moved to Moravia, NY when he was a boy and to Owego in 1851.
John began lending small amounts of money to neighbors when he was a boy, which he had earned from raising turkeys and selling food.
John was a studious boy and well-behaved. He was also known to be serious and reserved, discreet and religious.
John had a great love for music and at times wanted it to be his career.
In 1853 his family moved to Ohio and he attended high school at Cleveland's Central High School.
John got his first job when he 16, as an assistant bookkeeper. He was good at calculating costs of transportation. This skill would serve him well as an adult. He earned $31 a month during his first year, following a three month probation period.
One of John D Rockefeller's famous quotes was, "From the beginning, I was trained to work, save, and give." He did this his entire life, becoming who many believe to be the wealthiest American of all time.

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