Joe Montana Childhood Facts

Joe Montana Childhood Facts
Joe Montana is an American football player who became known as Joe Cool as well as The Comeback Kid. He was born Joseph C. Montana Jr. on June 11, 1956, in New Eagle, Pennsylvania to Joseph Clifford Montana Sr. and Theresa Marie Bavuso Montana. Joe loved playing sports as a child and would wait for his father to come home from work so that they could practice throwing balls or playing catch. He was often seen in his driveway playing basketball or other sports. Joe attended public schools and graduated from high school as vice president. He attracted major college attention in his junior year for his football skills.
Interesting Joe Montana Childhood Facts:
Joe Montana attended Waverly Elementary School, Finleyville Junior High, and Ringgold High School.
Joe grew up in a coal mining town south of Pittsburg.
Joe's father taught him how to play football when he was young. His father listed his son as 9 instead of 8 so that he could play the sport in a league.
Basketball was Joe Montana's favorite sport as a child, not football.
Joe Montana was given a scholarship offer for basketball to North Carolina State in his senior year. He didn't accept it.
Notre Dame offered Joe Montana a football scholarship in his senior year because of his excellent performance in high school on the football team. He accepted the scholarship.
As scouts began looking for NFL draftees Joe Montana was not a favorite but he was chosen in 1979 by the 49ers and went on to play in the NFL for 16 seasons and become a Pro Football Hall of Famer.

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