Jimmy Carter Facts

Jimmy Carter Facts
Jimmy Carter was the 39th United States President, and was also famous for having been a peanut farmer, and for winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. He was born James Earl Carter Jr., on October 1st, 1924, in Plains, Georgia, to Bessie Lillian Gordy, a nurse, and James Earl Carter Sr., a businessman and investor in farmland. Jimmy grew up in a rural environment, and was a good student. His parents were religious and his father taught Sunday school on occasion. As a good student Jimmy worked his way to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland in 1943. He graduated top ten percent of his class in 1946. His interest in politics began when his father died in 1953 and he had to return to Georgia to run the family businesses. His political career and aspirations grew, eventually leading to him becoming elected as the 39th U.S. President.
Interesting Jimmy Carter Facts:
Jimmy Carter was the first person on his father's side of the family to graduate from high school
Jimmy had two sisters, Gloria, and Ruth, and a brother named Billy.
Jimmy's father owned a peanut farm in Georgia.
After graduating from the Naval Academy Jimmy Carter worked on submarines, including those powered by nuclear energy.
In 1946 Jimmy Carter married Rosalynn Smith, a girl he had known since he was a child. They had three sons John William, James Earl Carter III, and Donnel Jeffrey, and a daughter named Amy.
When Jimmy's father died he took his wife and children and moved to Georgia to help care for his mother and the family business.
Jimmy Carter became the chairman of the Sumter County Board of Education in 1955.
Jimmy Carter grew up in the Deep South where racial discrimination was still rampant in the 1950s. He refused to join the White Citizen's Council and became their target.
In 1942 Jimmy Carter won the election for Georgia State Senate. Initially his opponent was declared the winner but it was proven that there had been voter fraud committed and Jimmy was declared the rightful winner.
In 1970 Jimmy Carter won the election to become Georgia's governor.
As governor Jimmy Carter worked to end segregation.
Jimmy Carter became famous for his slogan "I'll never tell a lie" when running for Democratic presidential nomination in 1976. He won the nomination.
Despite being a close call Jimmy Carter won the 1976 presidential election and became the 39th President of the United States.
Many of Jimmy Carter's bills were blocked in Washington because he was considered an outsider with little experience.
During Jimmy Carter's presidency the US experienced inflation, economic problems, and an increase in unemployment.
His inexperience may have counted against him as the president, but Jimmy Carter managed to negotiate a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel called the Camp David Accords that has been in place ever since.
Jimmy Carter lost the next election but his work in working towards peace and human rights continued.
In 2002 Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with cancer in August 2015 but in December 2015 he announced his cancer-free status.

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